Bauer Fabrication & Art Metal transforms everyday utilitarian items such as stairs and railings into artfully executed design elements and customizes gates and doors that offer much more to the image of your space than just security.

We can dress your fireplace to look good whether you’re using it or not and help you to maximize the safe and economic use of your hearth. 

Let us top off your home, business or landscaping with a durable statement built to stand the test of time. Nothing personalizes a building quite like a weathervane or sundial.

Decorative metal tiles can be used in kitchens as splashboards or wall coverings and in bathrooms as splash boards and for shower stalls.  We can make metal panels for cabinet and full size pass doors.  Since the panels or tiles can be made almost any size or shape, they can be used as fireplace surrounds for a truly unique look.

We can work with you or your architect to make all these decorative elements happen.


Your furnishings define how you use a room in your home or office. But they can also be the art in your daily life. We will strive to achieve this within your budget.

Bauer Fabrication & Art Metal designs and builds custom tables for any use as well as desks, chairs, vitrines/showcases and kitchen equipment.


Bauer Fabrication & Art Metal creates small or large wall art and uses digital translations of maps, photos and line drawings as design themes for projects. We work with other artists to bring their vision to reality. We can advise how to start with HDU foam or metal mesh, supply the materials, spray the coatings and walk through the finishing and patina techniques, allowing the artist to be fully involved in the process of creating 3-D sculpture and bas relief. We specialize in patina finishes on bronze, copper, zinc and carbon steel. We pre-finish your materials or supply pre-finished materials for your project.

When working with sculptures, the cost is far less than foundry-cast objects. There is quick minimum set-up time, no waiting for the casting house to do the job and no curing, cooling or drying and set time. We have worked with individuals to commemorate a person or organization in three-dimensional memorial sculptures.

Murals and bas relief are original artwork made by transferring a pattern to wire mesh and other materials and spraying that surface with molten metal. Large and irregular surfaces can be covered economically with our unique process. We work with sign and plaque making studios to bring the advantages of using metals to their projects. The durability of metal will far outlast any other coatings available and offers an aesthetic finish that is difficult to achieve otherwise. This can include most logos as well as names and numbers. Complement and enhance your interior and exterior design with our custom artwork including outdoor fountains, large planters, baptismal fonts and ecclesiastical items.